iPad News

22nd March 2012Concerns over the New iPad Screen

Shorter battery life is blamed on the new high-definition iPad screen, with complaints also coming in over the tablet over-heating when playing games, with the new screen again likely to be the root cause of the problem.

24th January 2012iPad Not Seen as a Threat to The Kindle Fire

News has emerged that Amazon is cutting its production of the Kindle Fire in half, initially thought to be down to the upcoming iPad 3 release, but in actual it reflects the end of the Christmas sales season.

23rd December 2011iPad Beating The Kindle Fire This Christmas Season

The latest sales figures, released just before Christmas, have shown the the Apple iPad is still leading the way, ahead of the Kindle Fire and other tablet PCs.

25th November 2011iPad Apps Chart Unveiled By Apple in the UK

Apple has announced that it will now be publishing a weekly chat of all the most popular iPad apps in the UK.

10th October 2011The Life of Steve Jobs is Going to Be Turned into a Film

The life of Steve Jobs is going to be brought to the big screen after Sony Pictures spent around $1 million on the the film rights to his biography.

6th October 2011School Gives 1,200 Pupils a Free iPad 2

A UK secondary school is now facing some probing questions after handing out iPad 2s to all of its 1,200 pupils, with the scheme costing nearly £500,000.

16th August 2011Development Begins on the iPad 3

Suppliers have been instructed to have all the parts ready to begin producing the iPad 3 from the start of October, with a spring 2012 launch currently being touted.

12th July 2011Apple Planning a High Definition iPad

There are currently strong rumours that Apple is to launch an iPad later this year with a higher screen resolution, with this projected iPad already being referred to as the iPad HD.

14th June 2011People Using iPads to Read Books & Magazines

A recent survey has revealed that 70% of iPad users in the UK use the device to read books and magazines, showing that the iPad is a real competitor to the Kindle.

9th May 2011The Queen orders an iPad

Prince William and Harry gave the Queen a quick crash course in using the iPad when visiting Buckingham Palace, and the Queen liked the iPad so much that she’s instructed her staff to order one for her.