How it Works

There is not a mountain of information and small print for you to read through when you take out iPad insurance however to make things easier for you, we have listed the whole process and some questions that people often ask when buying iPad insurance. If you have any specific questions that are not listed below then please feel free to contact us to find out more

Asking For a Quote

The first step is to get a quote for your iPad and you can do that here. You will be asked to provide some details including the cost and what cover you want to extend your policy to. Once you have received a quote that you like, then you can proceed to pay via credit or debit card. Alternatively you can also speak to a sales rep or email us to find out more about the quote you were given.



You can either pay your insurance monthly or for a discounted fee, pay for a year up front. As long as you continue your payments, your iPad will be covered. After you first buy the policy, you will be sent some documents within the post which give you a customer reference number and details of your policy.


In the event that you wish to make a claim, you must complete one of the following tasks.

  • If the item is stolen, we will need to see a copy of a police report.
  • If the item is broken, then please speak to one of our online service reps who will inform you whether you need to send us the item or we will direct you to one of our repair centers.
  • In the event that you are not sure as to what to do, simply speak to a sales rep who will advise you.

Please note that claims are not allowed to be made within the first 14 days of taking out a policy

Canceling The Policy

We never want to see you go however in the event that you want to cancel your policy, just send us written notification which gives us your customer reference numbers and the reason for cancelation.

What Is Not Covered in Policies?

The main events that are not covered in policies can include terrorism, cosmetic damage, intentional breakage and neglect on your behalf. Neglect refers to non-maintenance of your iPad such as using it in areas where it can become exposed to water. We will also not replace items based on the concept of wear and tear.

My Question Is Not Listed Here

Just send an email giving full details of your questions and we will reply within 48 hours.

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