Accidental Loss

If you find yourself to be living the fast life and often forget things then you should check your insurance policy to find out whether you are covered for accidental loss. A lot of the basic insurance policies will not cover you for this and if you want this coverage, you will need to upgrade. Let’s have a look at what is the accurate definition of accidental loss as termed by iPad insurance companies.

Accidental loss – This refers to leaving an item in a public place unattended. The result is that someone walks off with your iPad. Most insurance companies will class this as not taking reasonable precautions.

What You Can Do To Prevent Accidental Loss

  • Most causes of accidental loss happen because the person has their mind on other things or are distracted. Ensure that when you are using your iPad in a public place that you watch it constantly. Never leave it unattended to go to the toilet or purchase something from a nearby shop. With the weight and sleek design of an iPad there is no reason why you cannot take it with you everywhere you go.
  • If you are not using the iPad then pack it away in an accessory bag that conceals what it is. This means you have less chance of being targeted. Most causes of theft are accidental opportunity and this refers to when the owner has become distracted and took their eye off their iPads.
  • Restrict who can use your iPad. Often while using an iPad in public, we find ourselves being the centre of attention from people curious as to its abilities or they want to use the internet and access emails etc. In this case, just explain that you are in the middle of a large task and unfortunately cannot break off to help them. If they say it is an emergency then suggest they use a nearby phone.

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